Our Story

Captain Geoff Rosenbloom has been flying since obtaining his PPL in 1955 whilst still at school. 2 years of flying with the Edinburgh University Air Squadron was followed by 8 years in the RAF with 2 tours flying Hunters. He then joined Loganair in Glasgow where he sold his first aircraft, a Cherokee 6, which was the Companies aerial photo machine. He has buying, brokering and selling aircraft ever since and in 1978 carried out his first trans Atlantic delivery of a Chieftain from Glasgow to Sarasota, FL.

One of the 6 Chieftains for the UK M.O.D in Goose Bay 1986

Computaplane Ltd was formed in 1978 with Geoff as Managing Director, since which time the Company has sold 100’s of aircraft from warbirds to airliners. Some of the more notable sales included two low time Yak 40s located, sold and delivered to Ukraine from Madagascar. A low time 402 located, sold to TNT and delivered from USA to Australia, our first across the Pacific.  Then, in 1985, against considerable competition, the Company won the RAF tender for the supply of 6 used Chieftains after 20 suitable machines were offered from USA. Inspections of all the different tendered aircraft by an RAF team were carried out in UK and Europe and finally ours in USA. 6 of  these were duly selected, with similar avionics, then purchased and delivered to Farnborough, where they provided excellent transport service for a number of years, We also supplied the RAF both pilot and engineering training on the Chieftains and spares.

N660w IAI1121 Jet Commander

What benefits do you get when you use an aircraft broker? These days with the Internet, there is certainly a vast array of aircraft available for sale and specs and photos are plentiful. However, there are a lot of nice aircraft which are not advertised at all and a good broker will have knowledge of these through trade subscriptions, etc. In addition, a lot of buyers do not have the knowledge or expertise to be able to choose the right type for their intended operation.  A good broker will establish what the buyers usage will be and them perm the various parameters of size, speed, range and costs to recommend the correct type to consider.  Once that is established and agreed, a number of suitable aircraft would be offered and recommendations made. A pre-purchase inspection should be arranged on the prime selection to establish it is according to spec and that everything is working and all documentation is correct. Any defects found should then be rectified by the seller or the price adjusted accordingly. He can answer queries on changing registration, updating any equipment, and avoiding all the many pitfalls we have come across over the years. Geoff now with over 16,000 hours on more than 200 different types and with over 1000 trans atlantic deliveries has the ability to provide you with the very best service to ensure you get the right aircraft for your intended use and a good machine at the best price.