We’re Back!

A message from Captain Geoff Rosenbloom, MD of Computaplane

The Web is more complex than my Hawker Hunter above – and a damn sight more difficult to get flying. We’d like to apologise to all clients and friends of the Company for our sudden disappearance from the Web. This was down to the demise of our hosting Company and it has taken a few weeks to sort out the necessary details.

However, we’re back – and will soon be better than ever. Please bear with us over the coming days and weeks as we settle in to the new site. All the old data was lost, so we are building from the ground up.

Some of the things we are planning are……

A regular blog of activities

Media of ferry flights – both past and present

Once upon a time – stories of some of the more unusual events which befell the business over the last 40 years

So, join us in this new adventure and rest assured, the Computaplane team is still functioning at 100% and ready to offer a wide range of services from Aircraft Sales to Ferry Flights and more. In the meantime, contact us using the usual Information

Tel: +44 (0)141 889 2233

Email: plane_deals@compuserve.com

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